A Day and Night of Shining Stars

Big-Bang-Launch-thumbThe wide range of people who responded to our invitation to attend the premiere of the film made by Alex Carulli and Silvia Pedretti about the Global Generation Big Bang Summer School was heartening, writes Jane Riddiford.


About 80 people came from head teachers, to our business partners and parents. The event was held in The Black Maria, an installation by artist Richard Wentworth in collaboration with Swiss Architects GRUPPE; a vessel with open doorways, for welcoming people in and exploring ideas, the perfect stage.


The Big Bang Ambassadors hosted the event and passion and commitment poured out of them as they spoke to the audience introducing the various different sections of the film. In the morning we ran a workshop with them in which they came up with what they wanted to say.

YOu can read the original article about the Big Bang Summer School posted August 2012.

“This is a project that includes all faiths, I believe in Islam but this is a scientific perspective that we can all share”

Sadim Khan


Twelve-year-old Hamadullah introduced the main film by guiding the audience through a two-minute sitting still exercise. He explained how in silence and stillness we can get in touch with the place before the Big Bang when there was nothing to touch, taste or feel.

Like the universe itself, the work is not finished. The participation of the audience in the event left its own mark. After the films there was a buzz in the audience as we had everyone do 'partner talk' on what struck them about the story. Gabrielle then introduced the audience to the process of free fall writing.


You can view the film in full here:

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Go to our Gallery to view our other videos including the two-minute trailer: "Teaching the Universe Story to Children & Young People".

And here's a slideshow of photos taken at the premiere including a number of the young people involved in the project (click on any thumbnail to start the slideshow): 

What they said about the event

"What struck me most today was the idea of using the Big Bang story. This seems a completely inspired thought that obviously everyone involved has thoroughly engaged with and enjoyed. It appears to have created an inclusivity which other stories may not have. It makes me wish that there were more projects of this type which can break down barriers and see different types of organisations working together. This has to be the way forward."

Maria Marsden, Big Lottery - Local Food Fund

"I was struck by the joy and happiness I saw on the faces of the children and adults in the shared project. It was wonderful to see students exploring and establishing a personal contact with nature and the story of the universe. I am so glad that Regent High School was involved with this summer school, and with Global Generation. Both benefit."

Pete Bains, Regent High School

"The kids are the universe. They have no doubt, and I wonder what futures they will create for themselves. What a life lies ahead of them! They know that we are all the same, all connected from the same place with a 14 billion year shared history. I hope they are strong enough to keep heart and to inspire others with their understanding. Love it. Thank you."

John Hutton, Bam Nuttall

"Today I thought that we did absolutely great, our opinions really spread. It was very astonishing to tell and see the audience to talk amongst themselves. It was interesting to know people really were interested in our Big Bang project, this was a huge success."

Sadim Khan, Big Bang Ambassador


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