Jan 2015: Notes from the Kitchen

This January saw the grand reopening of the Skip Garden Kitchen!

The Kitchen team have been working hard over the last few months, tearing apart the old kitchen and putting together the fantastic set-up we have now. Since the refurbishment, the kitchen is much better equipped to keep up with the volumes of tasty food to be cooked.

The Cafe may have been closed for the past few months, but our chefs have been constantly busy. We’ve had a stream of events here at the Skip Garden, from evening drinks in the yurt, to sit-down banquets in the 12m polytunnel, where diners can enjoy a candlelit feast, surrounded by beds growing rainbow chard, wild rocket and other salad crops. We hosted toddlers’ birthday parties with pizzas baked in our own wood-fired cob ovens, as well as corporate dinners and drinks, booked by companies such as Eurostar.

Thank you SO much for a lovely evening! The garden looked beautiful, the food was absolutely delicious and the yurt was so cosy! What is really amazing is the peace in that space; you feel like you’re in a completely different world.
— Helen Freudenberg, Birthday Supper, November 29th 2014

We served dishes from our special winter menu (which is still available for dinner bookings). Our guests were well fed, with options such as a warming bowl of Jerusalem artichoke soup drizzled with a smoked paprika oil, and a Squash, Pecan and Wensleydale Wellington, nestled among multicoloured roasted root vegetables and salad.

As well as providing for all these events, our talented chefs have also been cooking wholesome meals for the staff and volunteers working hard at the Skip Garden. Everyday, members of the kitchen team emerge from the steamy realms of the kitchen, covered in flour with bits of dough in their hair, carrying bottomless pans of hearty soup, and salads that could easily be displayed as works of art.

It has been interesting to see the variety of customers who choose the Skip Garden as the venue for their events. It’s great to see how much they enjoy the unique experience we offer. Come and find yourself a cosy spot in the Skip Garden, or grab a scrummy takeaway box of our nutritious lunchtime delights!
— Sadhbh, Skip Garden Chef

And then it came - Wednesday 7th January… The chefs braved the cold and threw open the doors of the hatch, ready to thaw people’s hands and hearts with hot drinks and freshly baked treats. At this time of year, people are keen to stay inside and not venture out, but those who have made the journey to the Skip Garden have certainly not regretted it. Gradually, more and more people are emerging and coming to join us for a delicious lunch of stews, quiches, focaccia, salads and squashes stuffed with more squash. With our chefs perfecting their signature dishes and bread baking expertise, the creations of the Skip Garden Kitchen are looking and tasting better than ever.