Oct 2014: Notes from the Kitchen

The last month has seen the Skip Garden's presence at brand agency Karmarama evolving, as we've been asked to take on a few more hours on Tuesdays to do the baking for tea times. We're also getting the food waste and recycling situation in the kitchen up to scratch, sourcing more organic produce all the time, and sourcing organic and free range meats and MSC certified fish on the odd occasion when meat is on the menu there, writes Global Generation's Chef Sadhbh Moore.

We promised to bring the Skip Garden to Karmarama, so that's what we plan to do, not just in our menu and flavours, but in our ethos too. With over 150 scones made for one 4pm staff tea party, it was clear they were a bit of hit when only crumbs remained on the plates by 4.05pm!

The selection included plain, fruit, and cheese, sweet paprika and sundried tomato. Last week loaf cakes were on the menu for tea time, with a giant Chocolate Marble cake, my signature orange marmalade loaf cake, and a triple batch spiced banana bread (inspiration for which came from a pile of overripe, browning bananas left from the weekly fruit delivery that comes for staff snacks).

For Karmarama's 'Well-being week', lots of leftover, beyond-appealing-to-eat bananas were chopped up and put in the freezer overnight, and blended into a vegan, sugar free, low fat banana and coco ice cream the next day (look up vegan banana ice cream for instructions - just one ingredient!). This was served alongside spiced apple rings made with the bruised and abandoned pink ladies from the bottom of the fruit bowl.

It's great to be able to stay on for a few more hours to process leftover fruit into snacks, or to portion up leftovers from lunch into take away boxes for staff to take home for dinner, avoiding wasting edible food as much as possible.

This week take away boxes contained the remaining cheesy, med veg rice stuffed red peppers, served with a sea salt and rosemary focaccia and a rocket, spinach and cherry tomato salad (stuffed with the leftover rice from the Thai Green Veg curry on the menu the day before - spruced up with aubergine, courgette, olives, sun dried tomatoes, salted almonds, tomato puree, lots of basil and oregano, leftover crumblings of feta and parmesan from another meal, and topped with the remaining buffalo mozzarella bought for pizzas the week before).

As we make the transition from what felt like a very long summer to a rapidly approaching blustery autumn, one of the last Twilight Gardening sessions took place this week. We were very pleased to see lots of old and new faces, included a new member from Kamarama who's a big fan of the Skip Garden's menu there on Monday and Tuesday. And now that we've got some apple and grape chutney and chilli and tomato jam on the way, lets hope we can sell some of our unique Skip Garden produce at Karmarama too!