Sept 2014: Notes from the Kitchen

Well the first kitchen notes from a new team at the Kings Cross Skip Garden...we should probably introduce ourselves. Andrew and Sadhbh are heading up the kitchen team. Sadbh splits her time between cooking for the lovely people at Karmarama, the branding agency that we collaborate with, and the Skip Garden whilst Andrew can be found at the Skip garden on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Do pop in to see us and have a chat next time you’re in Kings Cross.

Although the last six weeks have been a whirlwind of impressions for both of us, we’ve spent the time wisely; cooking all of the fantastic produce that has been coming out of the garden, getting to know some of the people connected with Global Generation and learning more about the work that the charity does with youth leadership.

We’ve been to Pertwood, our campsite in Wiltshire, where the Construction apprentices foraged for sloes, rosehips and elderberries. These we braised with a haunch of venison over the campfire (pictured, left).

Cooking pizzas with the local children on the wood-fired ovens has to be another highlight so far. Henrietta and her bike gang often pop round just to say hello. Seeing by now familiar faces on the Generator programme last week was also a pleasure as together we discussed our food philosophy at the Skip Garden.

Over the summer we’ve had two senior generators working with us. Lilienne and Ryan covered the roles as Kitchen Porter and Front of House, and did an outstanding job of it. It has been great working together with them and I know that we are very sad to see them go, especially as we now have to do all the washing up ourselves! Enough said from us, I think we’ll leave the last words to Ryan & Lilienne:

The countdown to my last day as a Junior Generator always had my nerves jumping, but I knew that I had to move on. Although my experience at GG and sense of belonging had never left, I always dreamed of physically being back. And then it came, strolling through my inbox, I came across an email from Nicole, inviting me back for a summer job. I was immediately reminded of the Skip Garden’s glowing warmth, inviting smells, colourful scenery and buzzing bees. Jumping at the chance I replied back the very same minute. Of course, how do I apply back in the garden surrounded by a spectrum of people, food, plants and more. I’m physically here and its physically great.
— Lilienne
I have a strong interest in working in a kitchen because I like the smell of food and helping prepare food. It took me about a week to consider applying for the job because I thought that despite working for Global Generation and being a previous Generator, real work in the garden will be nothing compared to how things were in the kitchen as a Generator. However, work has been really fun, it’s been more of a learning perspective of work instead of hard straightforward work. The people I have worked alongside with have been amazing and very wonderful to work with. This being my first real job, helped me to realize how the real world is like.
— Ryan

Would you like to join us in the Skip Garden Kitchen?

We're currently advertising for an Intern Chef, so if you'd like to work with us in the Skip Garden Kitchen please click here for more details.