Fresh from the Kitchen

We’ve had a month of new food and new faces in the kitchen, just in time for all the big events we have coming up to celebrate our ten year anniversary, writes Global Generation Chef Catherine Forrester.

We’re delighted to welcome two new kitchen interns, Harriet and Veronica. We were only planning to recruit one person, but they were both so brilliant we just couldn’t choose! They’ve already made themselves invaluable, helping to create some amazing pizzas in our new wood-fired pizza oven at an event in their first week.

Lovingly crafted by Viv and a small army of volunteers, our new pizza oven has a gorgeous brick floor so we can cook our pizzas directly on the heated stone. This method creates perfect bases – crispy, chewy, the perfect home for some amazing veggie toppings like blue cheese, kale and walnut.

The oven’s going to be put to the test this week, as we welcome over 100 people to the garden for a pizza party.

Our Summer menu was launched this month, and we’ve been happily using an abundance of greens, herbs and flowers from the garden to make frittatas, quiches, tarts and lots of delicious salads.

And for dessert, we recently discovered brown bread ice-cream. This amazing treat uses humble stale bread to make a delicious crunchy caramelized concoction that we just can’t get enough of. We always love finding ways to minimise food waste, so this recipe is a dream!

The Skip Garden Kitchen is open for lunch and snacks 10am-4pm Wednesday to Friday.

Come down and try something delicious soon!