July 2014: Notes from the Garden Shed

Happy summertide to one and all, writes Paul Richens. I’ve been wondering what to write about – all our veggies are doing what veggies should be doing at this time of year – growing! We got our first aubergine flowers, first ripe cherry tomatoes some lovely lettuces and our first courgette – all of which are making our kitchen team very happy – phew!

But a visit by my daughter from Harrogate and one from a long-standing friend and family, all the way from Australia, has got me thinking about all the other lovely visitors to the Kings Cross Skip Garden.

Our weekly tour groups under the wing of the Argent visitor centre staff are always interested and good fun to show around along with random world visitors who have found us ‘on the web’ and want to see the skips.

Pictured left: Our cool chef Sally Benson harvests the first courgette

The Open Squares and Gardens Weekend brought the usual crop of passionate gardeners and for our 10-year anniversary party old friends and colleagues came back into the garden: and how could I fail to mention our wonderful Twilight gardeners – all adding something special to the garden – come one come all!

Don’t hold your breath but this could also be another good butterfly year! So far we’ve logged visits from Large White, Red Admiral, Lesser Tortoiseshell, Peacock and (my favourite) Comma butterflies along with a rather gorgeous Cinnabar Moth.

Cinnabar Moth – a beautiful day-flying moth graces the Kings Cross Skip Garden

I’m hoping for a return of the Hummingbird Hawkmoth we had last year but let’s not get greedy.

Happy watering!