June 2014: Notes from the Garden Shed

Sweet as honey: we’ve just tasted our first Skip garden honey – and it’s wonderful! In tandem with the extraction sessions, working with our two famous urban Beekeepers Alison Benjamin and Brian McCallum, we’ve also been running workshops on planting bee-friendly flowers, cos no flowers no honey!... writes Paul Richens.

People do try and grow wildflowers at home but often without knowing that wildflowers need soil that is nutrient poor and are bewildered when nothing grows.

To help with this strange problem (it’s usually the other way around) we’ve chosen to grow wheat field specialist such as Corncockle (pictured below) and Pheasants Eye (pictured above) that can cope with nutrients that farmers add to increase yield.

These species are quite straggly growers and need support, so for fun we’ve been collecting wheat seeds from my winter flower display (the record so far is 57 seeds from one ear of corn) to grow with them in the planters to give support.

Amazingly within one week the wheat all germinated. Come and see our mini wheat field – probably the first in King’s Cross for many a year.

One of the free papers recently ran a story that these days three out of four people don’t know the real season for eating Strawberries or Brussel Sprouts.

Here at the Kings Cross Skip Garden we try to help informing people the right season to shoot celery and when carrots have to spawn. It’s hard work but somebody has to do it.

Happy pricking out and potting on!