Stories for a Better World

Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund, Global Generation are exploring a new (and at the same time, very old!) project. We have been working with the Universe Story for quite some time now and are now bringing it to life in a different way, writes project assistant Raiesa Choudury.

This project is satisfying my curiosity for what I know and what I don’t know... It’s a pretty good story. Very Shakespearean.
— Jessica

'Stories for a Better World' encompasses traditional creation myths alongside the Universe story, using the plight of the bees as an ignition for the project.

Through workshops and sessions with young people – the Big Bang Ambassadors (BBA’s) – this project will culminate in performances using the art of puppetry in spaces around the Kings Cross Skip Garden at 2.30pm on Saturday 2 August.

Over the coming weeks BBAs will also take a hand in filming their journey and creating clips to use for teacher resources in collaboration with the Institute of Education.

It’s thought-provoking. And great to put what we’ve learnt to use by creating something out of it. The script-writing is my favourite part so far.
— Liz

The BBAs have been on a journey so far that has created a space for them to explore a story that is both personal and relatable.

They have looked deeply at Islamic, Mayan and Greek creation stories as themes started to emerge for what they could create.

The Kings Cross Skip Garden hives took centrepoint next as Brian McCallum Beekeeper from Urban Bees fascinated us with his knowledge of these vital creatures.

The wisdom of bees. A lesson from bees to humankind, the complex social colony structure they create, thriving on nature, setting an example mankind could follow. The hive resembles leadership, efficiency and growth. The wisdom of bees.
— Nene

Feeling inspired, the BBAs followed the path to the British Library, where they were treated to a show of mappa mundis from the archives. Through drawings of what came out of the session for them, a wonderful layer of creativity was added that could emerge in the performances to come.

The BBAs drawings on tracing paper layered on top of each other from the British Library session.

The journey has been ‘exciting and inspired’ as the BBAs move towards creating stories that show the heart of everything they have taken part in so far. As they sit down and prepare to write scripts for their performances, there’s an energy of wanting to share their journey and spread it far, allowing everyone to feel a part of the universe and its ongoing story.

The performances can be seen on Saturday 2 August at our next Skip Garden Saturday when our cafe will be open for delicious, fresh vegetarian dishes.