Susie’s reflections on our 10 year celebrations and leaving Global Generation

“Leap like a tiger, walk like a tortoise” is one of my favourite ever Buddhist phrases, and can apply to so many things we do - requiring a burst of courage and then lots of tiny steps and steady growth, to move on to making that first leap worthwhile. Throw the seed, then let it germinate in its own time, writes Susie Moss.

It took a giant leap to begin working with Global Generation in 2012, and now it’s taking a big leap to leave.

I’ve loved my life with the Kings Cross Skip Garden and I’ve loved the demanding role that was forever changing and expanding. I leave feeling confident that Andrew Isherwood who’ll be taking my place, is the right person to take the kitchen and all our food projects forward.

I feel I’ve come on both a professional and personal journey with Global Generation, expanding my work capabilities, my passion for sharing sustainable issues and nature with young people, and my understanding of the universe, but also in my personal life too

Global Generation has reignited my spark for life, through the fulfilling work and the inspiring friendships here. I only hope that the people I have cooked with, fed or shared workshops with have benefitted at least half as much as I have from them.

I finish after a busy time for our organisation, with June being our month of 10 year celebrations - opening with my feast of 10 dishes to celebrate 10 years and closing with our big party, with plenty of amazing events in between.

It was great for us to reflect throughout the month on the origins of Global Generation and to honour and mark how far we’ve come and where we are going.

The month culminated in a big fling party in the Skip Garden which was, as ever, a true team effort in the planning and the making, and for once, the partying too. We have hosted endless events for others but it was a nice change to be joining in and celebrating ourselves.

Sally and I spent the day prepping in the kitchen and looked out with worried brows at the garden. It was rainy and grey as we chopped with high speed knowing how much there was still to do.

Then, a few hours before it was all due to start, as I led everyone though the set up tasks for the site, I could see there was a sense of urgency and potential panic rising in everyone.

By some miracle, it all came together! The Skip Garden was transformed, the sun came out and even the last minute festoon light rigging worked.

The festive bunting - made by Generators with lots of help from volunteers from the Brady Community Centre - went up, and we were just putting food out by the roaring pizza oven as the first guests arrived.

The Ceilidh Liberation Front were perfect for warming up the party. They coaxed everyone to first bless the Skip Garden by holding hands and weaving a giant conga around the whole site… we covered so much space we caught up and bit the tail.

The band then played a great range of classics to dance to throughout the night. Everyone - from the children (including my Masie and Marlon) to the adults - were having fun… and I too was loving buzzing around and ensuring the stage was set for each new each food act.

We ended the night with a birthday cake, marshmallows around the camp-fire, and hot chocolate in the yurt. Then there was a wonderful surprise: a sea shanty for me from the team.

I’m looking forward to hearing all the tales of Global Generation’s next big leaps over the next 10 years. Thank you, everyone.