April 2014: Notes from the Garden Shed

Ready…Steady…Spring! Actually we’ve already started the new season planting up potato bags with First Early varieties and trying to germinate some tomatoes and squash seeds – perhaps a forlorn hope but that’s gardening, writes Paul Richens.

What I see in the Kings Cross Skip Garden now reminds me of the stuff left on the beach after the tide goes out – the flotsam and jetsam of a mild winter.

Things that should never have survived, like the gaudy Osteospermum or Cape Daisy or the orange flares of Calendula or Pot Marigold are now flowering wildly – a silent hurray to the new Spring.

The early warmth has got the herb garden zinging and put a smile on our chef’s faces not to mention our Bees madly foraging on the early Pear blossom and some flowering Cavolo Nero.

One interesting sight was our bees gathering around the lid of our new Ridan composter. Whether it was for the condensation or something else even our Beekeeper Brian couldn’t hazard a guess.

I think it’s good for some things to remain a mystery. Happy Springtide!