Dec 2014: Notes from the Garden Shed

Clothing crisis alert! The calendar says wrap up warm but the weather is so mild that even working in a Tee shirt feels hot – ridiculous! 

I’m writing this on the last day of November but it feels more like October. Most trees are still holding onto their leaves and I've just read the news that frogspawn has been found on Dartmoor – a new early record – but I can’t help thinking that it will end in tears for those poor frogs!

Our Bees are being sensible at least and staying in the hive although we’ve lots of nice flowers in the crop skips if they fancy a snack.

This being the last ‘Notes...’ for 2014 I really wanted to use it to celebrate something of great importance to me personally and the garden site generally (no not the new Ridan composter), all our lovely volunteers, Twilighters, interns, visitors and random guests (and of course all my wonderful colleagues).

We’ve always called the Skip garden ‘a garden of the thousand hands’ and I feel more than ever what an accurate description that is especially after our working bee on Saturday. Six hardy folk came to work the morning preparing the poly tunnels for winter, harvesting the last of the summer crops (including some Sweet Potatoes) and planting more winter lettuce to see the kitchen through the coming cold days. 

I don’t know who gets more from these events me or them – as they say ‘turn up a stranger and leave a friend’.

Wishing you all seasonal greetings and best wishes for the coming year. Don’t be a stranger - both the garden and me need you.

Anyone for a frost?