May 2014: Notes from the Garden Shed

The glories of Spring definitely brings out the poet in me, writes Paul Richens.

“O Dear” somebody said, “it’s raining!”… “well yes” I said… “thank goodness and anyway” ‘April showers bring forth May flowers.’ [English Proverbs c.1670].

I suppose after winter we all want Spring to ‘get on with it’ – warmth, sunny days all bathed in wonderful green.

I admit I’m as bad – we’ve been sowing trays and trays of seeds for the garden…and still nothing is showing! Cold nights and low patience levels are not good bedfellows. But hang on that last seed tray has some green shoots!

Hurray! Pricking out and potting on here I come!

Last words from Geoffrey Chaucer, [d. 1400] from his 
 Prologue to the Canterbury Tales

When April with his showers sweet with fruit
The drought of March has pierced unto the root
And bathed each vein with liquor that has power
To generate therein and sire the flower;

Enough said - Happy germinating!