Success at the Karmarama Kitchen Takeover

As regular readers know, local students from Regent High School come to Global Generation every week to learn about the world of business and sustainability through practical, real-life enterprise experience, writes Rachel Solomon.

Last week, the Year 11 students, who are currently working on a marketing and promotion unit, did just that. In April, Karmarama - the ad agency that worked with our Generators last year to create a Skip Garden Kitchen brand - set the BTEC students the challenge of taking over their staff kitchen at their office in Farringdon.

The Karmarama team was inspired by the students' business pitches in October, when they first visited the agency. You can read about that here. This kitchen takeover challenge was designed to enable the students to raise funds for Global Generation, with the opportunity for them to create a coordinated marketing campaign (with Karmarama's production support) to help them make a success of it.

So, over a couple of lessons, the students worked on creating posters, slogans as well as both television and radio advertisements, to be used to promote their event - which they called Skipfeast - on 1 May. Their brilliant video, which was seen by Karmarama's over 200-strong staff team in the week leading up to the event, can be viewed here:

On the day, the students set up their counters with their creations, with the help of Sally, Karmarama's chef Dino and work experience student Jake. Then, bang on 12.30pm, they met their queuing crowds of hungry and excited customers, all keen to find out what was on offer, following on from the students' well-coordinated promotional campaign.

Not long after, they sold out of all the hearty mains, and sweet treats like beetroot and chocolate brownie. Lots of people also bought various Skip Garden products, including wild garlic pesto and salsa verde. The students impressed everyone at Karmarama. Richard Powell, Karmarama's Managing Partner, said it was "brilliant. I ended up eating and spending lots -­ great to have them in."

Reflecting on how their event went, the students all agreed that they applied their marketing learning well to making Skipfeast such a success.

Habiba, 15, said of her experience: "it was educational and helpful as it helped me understand how to adapt myself around a professional workplace. It allowed me to gain experience in selling and helped boost my confidence as I had to communicate with different aged people in a formal manner. I really enjoyed it."

Fahmida, also 15, said: "my experience at Karmarama was great, as we did a lot of things, and I enjoyed it. We served food and cakes, and people really liked it. I learnt customer skills - how to talk to people and greet them."

Photos courtesy of Ed Rosie at Karmarama