Unlocking the Power of Creation Stories

Over the last few weeks the Big Bang Ambassadors have been looking at creation stories from different religions and cultures. What we have been discovering is that these stories have profoundly shaped peoples' ideas about themselves, others and the world around them, writes Rod Sugden

We have discovered that creation stories can still powerfully influence our lives and the directions we choose to follow. This is what the GG Big Bang Ambassadors, (a group of 14 - 16 year old's) have to say about their experience:

...because if I know what my roots are it will be easier for me to know where I’m going...
— Liz
By studying the development and creativity of creation stories it can help shift the mindset of superiority and separation.
— Lily

It wasn't so long ago that we thought that the Earth was flat and that if you sailed too far, that your ship would drop off the edge of the ocean.

The ancient flat Earth view

This belief would I'm sure have stopped many sailors from travelling out of their comfort zone. Traditional creation stories were written in 'Flat Earth' times.

The medieval cosmos

It wasn't until Copernicus in 1543 and later Galileo that we realised that actually we live in a heliocentric system. That is, the Sun and its planets are spherical and that the planets and Earth are orbiting the Sun. These scientific findings forced people to view themselves and the role they played in Life, in an entirely different way.

The ancient Egyptian cosmos, simplified version

 The Big Bang Ambassadors (BBA's) were asked to research their own creation stories and tell them to the rest of the group. What was interesting when we heard all the different stories was that they have common themes running through them. Such as:

  • Something emerging out of nothing
  • Creativity lying at the heart of the universe
  • Life is filled with 'connectivity.'
  • There are vast powers and forces that initiated and nurture our Universe.

However, perhaps one of the greatest values we can learn from these stories is to have a huge perspective on life itself. Right down to the details of one's present life.

Creation stories make you realise that your exams are not the end of your life! There’s something after.J We’re all created for a reason, otherwise why would we be here? It’s no good getting angry about something small because everything is so big and we’re so tiny!
— Maria

Discovering these values and patterns that lie at the heart of these traditional creation stories has inspired several of us in the GG team to write our own creation stories using the values which we feel are important to us. We are all very much looking forward to sharing and exploring these stories together in our next session!

The Newtonian cosmos, as represented by M. C. Escher's Cubic Space Division

One of the latest views of the Universe - an actual photo of 'The Virgo Cluster of Galaxies'