October 2015: Notes from the Kitchen

I started out on the trainee programme offered at the Skip Garden Kitchen, writes Cafe Manager Fi Doran.  After six weeks learning a lot about how a cafe works ­both front and back of house I was lucky enough to be offered a position as freelance chef, working when the cafe was busy which at the height of summer was every day! My experience grew and I gained confidence in my new coffee making skills, as well as creating menus and cooking for the public. Two new interns Sam and Biddy arrived and it was nice to see them progress as well.

Another two months in and things were still going strong for the kitchen, running a cafe as well as events in the garden and outside lead to a cry for more space and work was started on a new production kitchen. Again luck seemed to be on my side and an opportunity to grow further was offered to me as cafe manager. Although this means more paper work I'm still predominantly found in the kitchen, helping out as front of house and occasionally sneaking in a vegan cake baking session.

Now with the weather getting cooler we're looking at exciting new ways to incorporate fresh seasonal fruits, herbs and vegetables into our menu which will keep you warm and satisfied.

We wouldn't be where we are without the wonderful people who give there time volunteering in the kitchen, so I'd like to thank all those who I've had the pleasure to work with: Shonagh, Omar, Vivienne, Lily and most recently Giorgia who is creating most of our baked goods currently. Also the rest of the kitchen team who make my life much easier, the garden team who produce so much of our lovely produce and the office team whose work for the charity is inspirational.