Next steps for the Skip Garden

The new Skip Garden feels like a ship that is sailing in the middle of the ocean and we are building the masts as we go. Fortunately the winds have been behind what sails we have, with the combination of a warm summer and the right people coming our way to help, but there is still a lot to do to make us seaworthy for the winter weather writes Jane Riddiford.

At night the garden is a magical place, especially when the pizza oven is lit and our central fire pit blazing. The polytunnel with its rammed earth walls is holding heat and some rescued construction lights illuminate double decker layers of leaf crops that are providing all of the Kitchen's salad needs. Yesterday as the light began to fall we even had a high tea in there served from bone china.  The Sky Room, in its nearly finished state, is proving popular with local businesses who are renting it out as a space for eating and meeting. Overlooking the natural swimming pond it has one of the best views in King’s Cross.

At first glance the site is nearly complete, which is quite a feat, given that it has been less than six months and only £40,000 spent. But look a little closer and you will see cables running out of boarded up windows and stacks of other windows waiting to be crafted into a gardeners shed and the side walls of the giant glasshouse lantern. The Urban Partners Business partnership has got behind the push to raise the funds to get the work done. On November 19th many of the King’s Cross businesses will be holding a Go Green for Global Generation day.

Along with bake sales, a raffle and pub quiz employees will be invited to buy a tiny envelope in the shape of a skip which they can wear as a badge of honour for the day.  The envelope will be filled with wildflower seeds. Year three pupils from nearby St Aloysius School collected the seeds from the banks of the natural swimming pond during our lunch and learning sessions.  We now need help making and filling 1000 origami style envelopes. Please let us know if you have a few hours to spare on November 11th between 3pm and 8pm when we will get the production line going. As always anyone is welcome for the rest of the week as well.