Notes from the Kitchen

The new year in the kitchen has gotten off to a slow but steady start, says Skip Garden Chef Sadhbh. Here's a run down of what we've been up to and what we've got coming up.

We've catered a few daytime and evening events, including our very own lovely winter's evening of pizza and soup where the plans for the new Skip Garden site were launched. The UCL Bartlett School of Architecture presented their incredibly intricate and impressive models of the structures that are currently under construction for our new location. Pop by the cafe for a cuppa and a browse of these most practical, miniature works of art. 

Head chef, Andy, has been perfecting our signature sourdough recipe, similarly getting ready for our relaunch when we move to the new site, where there will be sandwiches galore in our new pool facing cafe! 

We've been enjoying having some new life around the kitchen in the form of the new interns Ilana and Roshni, who have been a great help at lots of events, working alongside staff and generators. We look forward to welcoming a couple of specifically kitchen interns in March too - and thank you to anyone who took the effort to apply for the role.

We've been having to get used to not having chef Vero around - mistress of the mobile Skip Garden Kitchen, who brings our delightful dishes to Granary Square on the bike. She's having wonderful experiences in Palestine, and will undoubtedly come back with lots of delicious and interesting new recipes and stories to share.

We've been seeing more customers come to the garden for tea, coffee and lunch, appearing in dribs and drabs, and often coaxed out by a few rays of sunshine. If you're thinking of coming to the Skip Garden for lunch, why not ring ahead to see what's on the menu and make sure we reserve you a portion if you like the sound of what we have to offer. We often have a vegan soup and bread, for £3.50, and then a main and 2 salads plate, aka the platter, which costs £5. 

It's been a pleasure to welcome back the lunching learners in the form of our Lunch and Learning sessions. The first few kicked off with an in depth look at how we deal with the issue of food waste (reducing it and processing it) here in the Skip Garden Kitchen, and how everyone at home can innovate and be inspired to reduce their food waste at home, creating brand new dishes from things that might otherwise have been thrown away. Watch this space for a big dance food waste event coming up in the summer, hopefully once we're settled in at our new site.

We're looking forward to welcoming some Junior Chefs to the kitchen in March, and are very happy to announce that the Friday Night Out Project - cooking with local youngsters after they've played football with the Arsenal community coaches - will be continuing further into the year than we originally planned! 

Check out the other tabs on the website for venue hire and events booking details, and we look forward to seeing you soon!