Getting this year's Lunch and Learning off the ground

We started off this year’s Lunch and Learning with a story.  A story that told of interconnectedness, of underground creatures and of looking up at the sky.

The story was a new iteration of a very old story and one that many different people in Global Generation have re-written and shared in different ways.  Nicole’s version told of 2 twins Bhoomi and Barsha who lived in the deep forests of the South of India.  Their crops had stopped growing and they went into the forest to find the big shinny worm who would help them.  The worm shared the 3 baskets of knowledge with them: knowledge of oneself as we truly are, knowledge and appreciation of all that is around us and finally knowledge of the interconnectedness and interdependence of everything that lives.

Using that as a basis the participants, 10 Year 3 students from local school St Aloysius and 10 adults working on the Kings Cross construction site from BAM Construct, Carillion, Kier and Balfour Beatty, paired up and experienced the 3 baskets.  One group was in the kitchen getting creative with food waste, making brownies out of left over beetroot and stock out of vegetable peelings.  Another group took any left over kitchen waste to feed the worms and watered the plants with the liquid produced by the worms, and made seed bombs with the compost for new life to flourish.  And finally one last group wrote their own story based on what they were seeing and experiencing in the garden, their own story of feeling connected.

Here’s a couple of the stories …

“Once upon a time, there lived a gentle worm.  He lived with his mum and his dad and they went for a walk on the magical grass.  Suddenly they noticed that all the stones were blowing in the wind.  It made the rocks turn into sand, but the wood turned into soft soil and one flower was still left, it was a very bright red colour.  Then the worm came and went to the flower and it was still fresh and the spiders were making a web which caught the bees.  Then the wind blew the bees away so the spider couldn’t eat anymore.  The birds twittered and sang.  Suddenly they lost their voice.  Then worms asked the wind to blow through the leaves and reminded the birds how to sing again.” - Afsana

“Once upon a time there was a person called Sage who had a garden full of sand.  At the end were some bricks and a stinky boot.  One day Sage went to bed.  Suddenly she woke up and saw the fire but she thought it was magic because it was bucketing down.  The fire said “plant some veg and flower and fruit keep this stone to help you.”  When she woke she saw the stone and Sage knew it was real.  She started getting to work.  First she made snow drops.  Then she made all different things.  Then the fire came again.  This time it was mysterious.  It said “make a party with your food!”  She made a party.” - Madi

And finally a very special thanks to Guy Milton from BAM Construct who is now moving on to a different site.  Guy has been involved since the beginning in Lunch and Learning, so thank you for all your support and good luck in the next place!  And luckily Steve Phillips now be representing BAM.