March 2015: Notes from the garden shed

I miss our Bees!

Due to the Skip gardens new site being closer than 5k our present Bees would want to return to their old site (homing  pigeon style) so Brian McCallum and Alison Benjamin (our Beekeepers) have taken our present hives and will replace  them with new hives from another site.  But we have a Bee gap and loads of lovely Bee friendly fodder flowers on offer.  Of course we are getting visits from some rather nice Bumblebees but somehow it’s not the same.  If gardening tries to teach you anything it's patience.  

I hope you’re all coping with this Blackthorn winter!  If you’ve not heard of this before it’s a cold snap during the flowering of the Blackthorn (Soe bushes). Country people were quite superstitious and would never bring the beautiful flowers in-doors as it foretold death and was linked to the crown of thorns.  Luckily in these enlightened times we can enjoy the blossom without the baggage – although you wouldn’t catch me bringing some into the house!
As is usual at this time of the year gardeners are watching the (nighttime) temperatures to see whether we can start to put stock outside.  Personally I’m using some frogspawn in my pond as a guide this year – presently the eggs are all tiny full stops – my ‘go’ button is when they turn to a comma.

Happy Blackthorn winter!