April 2015: Notes from the garden shed

Satellite picture showing the Sahara dust streaming northwards

Satellite picture showing the Sahara dust streaming northwards

“Dust storm brings Saharan sand to the UK” said the newspapers – how exciting!  

Along with hearing the first cuckoo of spring this has become an annual story but with a rather sad new twist – Government warnings of dangerous levels of continental pollution coming along with the sand. The Scandinavians must be smiling as they’ve been getting our pollution (in the form of acid rain) for years.

Most of the stories were couched in ‘doom & gloom’ terms except for one positive note when they pointed out that the Saharan sand would be adding nutrients to our seas – well, to my way of thinking if it’s good for our seas it’s good for our soils as well. In the U.N.’s International Year of Soils it seems like a free gift of nutrients.

This should remind us just how connected we all are – it’s said they know in Hawaii when they’re plowing in China because of dust falls.  Here on the King’s Cross development site we’ve been trying to connect our various gardening projects with some joined up thinking – flowers on the roof to feed our Bees.  


We’re moving again and as usual with any move the big stuff like the Skips etc move relatively easily (care of our good friends at Kier) but my goodness it’s the small stuff that gets you!  Thankfully, all but one of our polytunnels have found themselves wonderful new homes, and we have been receiving kind messages of thanks from the new owners.  'The folk at the Bootstrap Bee Garden just want to say a huge thank you for the amazing things you donated to us during the move to your new site. We will make good use of them and hope to create a beautiful garden like you have at the Skip Garden one day.  Please come pay us a visit if you are ever in the area! Good luck with the new site.'  It's wonderful to be able to share resources and connect with like minded Garden projects! Here's to the future.

‘Goodbye old site – hello new site!’