Gardens are part of a greater world


'The green leaf is the source of all life' - Vandana Shiva

All is living!

Life at the Skip Garden is moving on! Soon we’ll be at a new site with a new energy, a renewed but ever growing focus and a refreshed zest for life, not to say that our current one has gone stale!

I’m sad in a way to be leaving this Skip Garden; a wild site, which shows you that something can grow anywhere, in the most unlikely of places (with the right conditions and nurture, love, respect and care).  However, I understand that change is a necessary part of life and there are positive prospects waiting for us on the other side with potential and promise to help our Garden to continue and grow, with more solid and stable foundation and roots.

The whole nature of the Garden will be in transition, with single level to two storey structures, our iconic skips, inflatable event space and a wetlands dining area unlike any other.

Where we are now has been a place of great interest and intrigue for many who have come across us, whether just through passing by or through hearing about us via word of mouth or through social media.  The Skip Garden sparks a lot of curiosity, attracting newcomers and oldcomers back to the Garden time and time again.  To me, this is no surprise! It's organic freshness and beauty definitely holds a lot of charm; this urban growing garden is a rare surprise for all!

My time here at the Skip Garden so far has been an adventure.  I have been here for not long over 3 months now, but it feels like much longer thanks to the ease of settling in so quickly and being surrounded by such a special environment.  Working in a garden and with children who look at the world in such a unique and interactive way acts as a precious reminder for how not to take life and anything it brings for granted; it reminds you how sacred, delicate and beautiful life is and that behind all growth, which may look simple to the eye, is something greater and more intricate at work.

Like a young child and the school children that visit us here at the Skip Garden, I too have been equally fascinated by worms and how greatly they contribute to the life processes of all the plants and all the fresh and raw soil that helps the food that ends up in our tummies to evolve.  I have been moved by the bees and how significantly they give their time and energy, creating food and aiding new forms of life by moving from flower to flower, spreading their wealth and upholding the source of life.  I have been amazed by the ants and how they share, carry, move forward and just make everything happen, spreading the load, working together and living as a unit.  I have been captivated by the power of Mother nature in all her aspects and forms, as I am captivated by her everyday.

Both through my time at the Skip Garden and outside of it, I have realised that if we were all to look at life through the eyes of every living thing, perhaps we would take to the world with a different approach, with greater compassion and interconnectedness, and greater appreciation for everything that we have. Though the Garden is a dedicated space, we have to recognise that the Garden is part of a greater world where life is happening, in all that is living, in every stage and form, and where everything around us is a source of life.

Roshni Nagaria
General Intern
Global Generation