Work Experience at Global Generation by Caitlin and Lily

Our work experience started on Tuesday 18th May and finished on Friday 22nd May, and ran from 9AM to 5PM (depending on how much work we had).

Our usual jobs consisted of:
- Chopping vegetables
- Frying
- Serving builders
- Helping with the construction of the new site

We worked under the supervision of Vero, Andrew, Ciara and Sadhbh.  My favourite part of work experience was was when Caitlin, Ciara and I walked all the way to St Aloysius with a trolley full of gardening gear - we got very strange looks!  In St Aloysius we helped out with Careers Day and Gardening Club.


We started on Tuesday and we made lunch for fifty plus people and everyone really enjoyed it.  Throughout the week we've made tea, lunch, visited a careers workshop and took part in activities with visiting children.

This week, I've learned a lot of new skills such as making bread, omelettes and stew.  I've really enjoyed this week.  I think my favourite part was coming to the Careers Day!  I picked Global Generation and the Skip Garden for my work experience because it's not something I have done before.  I will take the skills I have learnt and try to cook various meals.