May 2015: Notes from the Garden Shed

New site, new opportunities - and this move is no different bringing its own exciting possibilities.

The new Skip garden site sits just north of the new swimming pond that is surrounded by banks of wildflowers. These are now under the care of Ciara (our Community Engagement Officer) and will be a huge draw for local beneficial insects including our Honey Bees.

Along with this wildflower smorgasbord, we’ve also taken charge of a lovely long (14m) raised bed, just by our kitchen and on the south side of the King’s Cross security team’s compound – which we’re calling the ‘Broadgate Beds’.

The garden team had to get this bed ready in a week for the press opening day of the new swimming pond so it was all hands on trowels.  

We’ve divided the bed into convenient 3m sections with a herb garden, four crop beds and a training garden. Each section is backed (next to some wonderful mirrored flower panels) with a shaped fruit tree. We can now show what espaliers, fans, bush and the extraordinary ‘step-over’ tree shapes look like.  

Of course planting up such a large bed needs help so who else do we call on but our wonderful ‘Twilight Gardeners’ group. On the evening of 13th the Global Generation’s gardening team (Julie, Ciara and Paul) were joined by Maria, Jessica and Vanisha and after two and a half hours – voila, we have a new bed.