Dallington School Year 3 visit

My year 3 class from Dallington School had a brilliant time at the skip garden earlier this month. Global Generation laid on lots of fun, exciting and educational activities for us. These were making "Bee Hotels", watering the plants, sawing, drilling and helping to make a natural pizza oven! 

Year 3 really enjoyed the sawing and drilling. These are not activities that we get to do at school, so it was a rare opportunity for my class to develop these handiwork skills. What was interesting for me to see was the children were quickly developing their skills and it struck me that given close supervision children as young as 7 can be quite adept at using a saw and drill. I'm sure the solitary bees will also be thankful to the children for all their efforts!  

Being able to touch and manipulate a mixture of clay and straw and then shape and mould it to help create the pizza oven, was also a unique experience that Global Generation offered my class. They loved getting their hands dirty and the experience of some constructive hands on work. Maybe, members of my class will visit the garden again and enjoy some delicious pizzas cooked in the oven that they enthusiastically helped to create.

Having enjoyed much hot weather around the time of our visit there was much watering to do. Whilst performing this essential task we got to learn all about the names of characteristics of different plants. We also learnt how bees play an essential role in pollinating many of the plants that inhabit the skip garden and our native gardens.

At the end of our session we all felt enriched and inspired by our visit! Many thanks to the Global Generation team for managing, hosting and guiding  all the different activities we were lucky enough to engage in. 

Writes Dallington year 3 teacher Rod Sugden