Reflections on the Universe Story, by Maroua, 15

This blog post was written by one of our Generators, as a result of a blogging masterclass at the Guardian.

The universe story. Now that is an interesting concept that one does not normally think about in their daily life, writes Generator Maroua. Recently, I attended a session about the universe, the way it is a story that is ongoing and even we as human beings are part of this story of the universe. 

We started by listening to two speakers, Jane and Rod, telling us a centuries­ old story about a complaining man. It wasn’t the usual story where some person sits down beginning with “once upon a time”, but more of a tale filled with claps and rhythm. I can assure you the story was linked very much to the universe, which I later found out as we continued through the session. Of course at first I did not know why they told us that tale, but then it gave me a sense of nature and the world we lived in. The complaining man wasn't fond of nature ­ “oh the grass is too green, and the sun is too bright” and so when all of this was gone, he realised what he hadn't appreciated before. Even though I am not an ungrateful person, I do forget to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me and so this gave me a wake up call to stop complaining about things and appreciate what here is. 

We were then presented with a video to show us what the universe is really like. The video displayed planets and suns while giving us a pretty good idea of how massive they are. 

Personally, this made me think of two words. Beauty and Astonishment. There is so much that we do not know about the cosmos we live in. So many planets undiscovered. Life that could be out there yet we have no clue. I have always thought this about what is out there but new ideas had come to mind when one of the speakers mentioned how as human beings we are telling the story of the universe and our bodies could potentially be from stars. 

Just as the stars formed, we were formed from the same substances? The idea that earthlings could be born from stars is a fascinating aspect to think about." ­ Maroua, 15