Baking in the Skip Garden - by Mahima, 16

This blog post was written by one of our Generators, as a result of a blogging masterclass at the Guardian.

It was the second session of our Generator programme, and we were told at the previous session that we were going to be cooking in the Skip Garden with Vero! I was pretty excited as I like cooking, especially baking, despite the fact that I don’t really cook, and now I was getting the opportunity, writes Generator Mahima.

I like cooking because of the process; the way things are combined together to make a delicious dish intrigues me. Even though I was looking forward to the session, I was still nervous as I didn’t really know the other girls, save for a few.

Before we started cooking, we looked at several values which made me more open to ideas. I found it interesting that values such as unity and open-mindedness could be incorporated into cooking. I was able to link the value unity with the fact that my sister and I were not that close but baking brought us more closer - this made me more thoughtful as a person. Another thing that I enjoyed about that part of the session is that I got to talk to Josephine, who I have never met before Global Generation.

YES. We were going to bake! When I found out I was really happy. We got split into groups which gave me another opportunity to talk to new people. What really surprised me was that we were going to make cupcakes with vegetables mixed in. In our group, we were going to bake beetroot and chocolate cupcakes. Beetroot. With chocolate. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical in terms of the taste, but, as we went on, the smell was amazing and I began to veer away from a closed mindset and trying to be open to ideas I am not used to.

I got along well with the people in my group, two of which I didn’t know and I found myself talking to them easily with confidence.

And when I took that first bite and found it to be utterly delicious, I had a thought: I should try new things more often.

Who knew beetroot and chocolate could taste so good together?