Notes from the Garden

If March came in like a lamb (which it did) then as the old country saying has it - it goes out like a lion – storm Katie made sure of that! We’ve just passed the spring vernal equinox with the sun now winning the day /night battle, the extra light and warmth is inexorably bringing the season on – we certainly don’t need any ‘Rites of Spring’ dance to help it along.  

Hedgerow Hawthorns are starting to leaf up along with the Blackthorn now that their beautiful white flowers have fallen marking the end of the mini ‘blackthorn winter’ cold snap. Beneath them both swathes of primroses feed the first Bumblebee on the wing.

I always think it’s a marvel that these first leaves were packed into such small buds – miniaturisation we can presently only dream of. Of course these leaves were made last summer when the plants were at the height of their growth cycle, then they sat tight proof against the worse of the winter weather.  Now the plants are back in business and want to start harvesting the suns energy again so little by little they start pumping water into the proto leaves expanding them like some wonderful balloon – come on the rain!  Truly April showers bring forth May flowers!

If buds are a marvel then seeds only outdo them; these tiny specks of nothing (which show no sign of life) explode into such an array of growth.  It always takes my breath away.  I often think it’s such an act of faith when I sow seeds that they will in fact grow into something amazing. The gardens team have not been sitting it their wonderful new shed but have been out and about busy preparing our various King’s Cross sites for the summer growth rush.  With the help of our friends in Willerby’s we’ve cleared last year’s wildflower dead growth from around the swimming pond allowing the beautiful Colt’s Foot flowers to shine and encourage the naturally sown seeds to start to germinate. As soon as tulips show their heads we’ll be starting Twilight gardening sessions again to sow and grow our own garden 

Happy potato chitting and early tomato/chilli/pepper seed sowing!

Also we say bon voyage to Ciara off on her travels again – she’ll be a hard act to follow as our community gardener.