Friday Night Out Project - Pasta Pride

Freshly made spinach and ricotta tortellini with toasted pine nuts and sage butter topped with grated Parmesan.

Doesn't that sound like some sort of Masterchef finalists' dish? Or something you'd find on the menu of an expensive restaurant? 

Well this week it was made by a group of kids and young teenagers from right here in King's Cross.

The Friday Night Out Project crew all did an amazing job getting to grips with the tiring task on kneading eggs into flour to get our freshly made pasta dough to reach the correct consistency and texture, and then figuring out the best techniques for feeding it into and out of our pasta maker before filling with our spinach, ricotta and nutmeg mix. We went out and picked our very own Skip Garden sage, which is always satisfying and extra tasty. 

Before we began we snacked on some apples and blood oranges and had a good chat about food and attitudes to new foods. The blood oranges became a topic of debate, and brought up the perfect opportunity to talk about open mindedness when it comes to trying new things, even when we might think they're weird or scary. As well as trying a new dish we focuses on learning a new skill - the art of pasta making, and we celebrated the making of a classic Italian dish, and our new ability to make from scratch a food that is a popular everyday staple in most households. 

Everyone sat down and tried the delicious meal together, even though some thought it seemed like odd ingredients to have on, in and with pasta. It was all about being open minded and willing to try new things, especially when they're things that have been made with much love and care on a fun night in the Skip Garden Kitchen with our friends. 

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