Biology of Story

“The Universe is made of stories, of atoms, of repeated patterns.” The way Global Generation has worked with the scientific origins of the universe as a meaningful and inter-cultural creation story for our times is represented in a series of short video clips produced by Amnon Buchbinder for; an interactive website about the power of story.

In the videos Global Generation Founding Director Jane Riddiford discusses community work with the scientific story of the universe to build connection with the earth. They are available at

The topics of the videos are:

● Finding A Meaningful Relationship To The Land

● Learning From The Universe Story

● We Come From The Universe Story

● Working With The Scientific Creation Story

● You Don’t Know What The End Is.

For some years now, some of the Global Generation team have been involved in an inquiry abouthow to work with what science is revealing about the history of life, the planet and the universe. Can such a big story be personal and culturally inclusive? Can we find lessons for how to live and work together in the epic movements of a universe born through murmurings and explosions of inconceivable magnitude, movements of violence, sacrifice and creativity? This inquiry is underpinned by Jane’s Doctoral research which draws on experiences in Global Generation and focuses on the potentials for leadership in moving from a view of the universe as a machine of separate parts to a living story which endlessly reveals the dynamics of an integrated whole.