Moving the Skips...

It was a bright day on the Fourth of May in the Skip Garden, writes Emma, gardener. Not only did the sun shine shine shine, but Lawsons’ very helpful Mike Kelly and David Harvey arrived bright and early to help us manoeuvre the five growing skips and the pizza oven.

Armed with a HIAB, Mike and David lifted the skips closer together and backwards towards the fence surrounding the garden. Myself, Luke and Jordan from the GG Works Program, Paul, Rachel, and Robyn, (all kitted out and ready to go in PPI) chipped in to make sure the skips were safely adjusted to make the garden more accessible for all.

A wider pathway has been created between the 12-Metre poly tunnel and the skips, allowing for wheelchair access. Don’t worry, we can still get between the skips to garden and keep their fruit and veg beds producing lush goodies! As the Orchard Skip hovered a few inches above the ground I noticed the bees were gleefully enjoying the particularly fab pear and apple blossom.

The move has opened up a grand new space at the front of the garden, just in time for the summer months events. The pizza oven is sure to be turning out the chefs delicious creations from its new position, flavoured with herbs from the soon to be Kitchen Herb Garden at the entrance to the garden.

It was fantastic for so many people, in true GG spirit, to pull together to get the job done (all in time for lunch)! A massive thank you to everyone who helped!