Connecting all the Things! July's supper club

Hi it’s Ashley the intern again and I have another summary of this months supper club for you.

Aptly named the Connected Supper Club, diners and guest speakers connected Cavolo Nero with conversations about technology and the built environment.

Simon connecting all the Things!

Simon connecting all the Things!

Our urban garden provided the perfect setting for architect & data-enthusiast Antonio Pisano. Antonio’s talk demonstrated how data could be used more effectively in construction, for example by helping buildings run more efficiently. So basically, and perhaps I am taking a little/huge leap, Big Data could save the planet.

After munching on pizza cooked to perfection in our wood-burning stove, the guests and I heard from Gaye Soykok, a technology and innovation specialist. 


Gaye explained how and why we need to ‘rehumanise’ technology – so yey for people like me! Having worked in Japan she likened technology to Kabuki a type of Japenese dance where the main dancers are facilitated by stage hands dressed in black in order to achieve impossible acrobatics. We are, as she put it, the beautiful dancers and technology should enable the impossible - quietly and discreetly.

After food the newly Connected Supper Clubbers settled down to toast their marshmallows around the fire. And architect Andrea Bugli spoke about his work on real-time urban mapping and psycho-geography.

Bringing technology, food and inspirational people together Simon created a new sense of community in The Skip Garden. We hope to see him and his supper clubbers again!

In the meantime check out his meetup page for more supper clubs all over London: