Pertwood a journey of connection

Last weekend the Global Generation Team, former Generators and adults from across the country joined together at Pertwood Farm to embark on a 24 hour nature solo. Working in collaboration with Andres Roberts from Way of Nature the preparation for the Solo was a weaving together of the values and connection practices of each organisation. Walking through fields of wheat , storytelling sitting under Hawthorn trees,  taking time in silence warming ourselves around the fire we were guided in conversations which allowed us to contemplate our own identity, our connection with others and the grander connection of the universe.

The group was diverse spanning from 18  to 60 year olds,  from chefs to physicists who hailed from London to rural Ireland. We learnt through the diversity between us and within the natural world. We recognised and respected our differences and appreciated commonalities and connections. For both GG and The Way of Nature the camp presented a new venture in building community across ages.

The rest of this blog post therefore consists of the shared experience and distinct voices which emerged from the camp. We hope you enjoy!

Some of the faces behind the voices

Some of the faces behind the voices

"The Father Hawthorne tree called me to sit underneath this morning. Still as space in the cradle of it's roots holding. I feel fully listening, not waiting or expecting anything, just listening. When I open my eyes and look up I notice space in the tapestry of branches and leaves twisting and fluttering delicately above my head. I really feel that one space is for me. Now I realise my story it all makes sense" - Halle Debebe-Dessalegne (GG Intern)

"We sat alone. Said goodbye to the once burning white globe. Surveyed the sky turned blue, turned green, turned pink, turned violet by it's arrival and departure.
We sit still our anticipation subdued by the wind. We drift amongst the dancing corn we linger on the poppies. We are carried by the rustling trees, the chimes of the crickets, the hoot of the owl. We succumb to the sky" -  Ashley O'Callahan GG Intern)

"On this camp I felt the power of common ground and what’s more unifying than the land we share. I felt the kind of respect that comes from self reflection. A self reflection that allowed me listen to my heart. Whether we believe in God, a Creator, the Universe or whatever we may call the origin and centre of life or whatever else we may refer to, the fact is that we are surrounded by wonder and amazement this is constantly telling us to self reflect so that we may put aside our egos and learn to listen and seek the Divine." -    Zak Nur (GG Alumni)

"I’ve been so moved and touched by the connections across ages and backgrounds. I’ve been touched by the wisdom of the young, I’ve been touched by how I’ve been received – and I still feel the vibrant, passionate young person in me as well as the older (not quite elder) woman. And I’ve been touched by the sense of connection, of ‘knowing’ that can happen across ages and backgrounds. The solo was not easy for me and it was hard to stop the chattering mind, but it stopped when I reconnected with the group"

"What a genuine grinning-face joy it was to be with you all, and such a mixed age group  this weekend. I have a sense of relief and hope after sharing special times with the Global Generators. They’ve got it sorted! I was in awe how self- and world-aware they were." - Emily Howgate


A dragonfly landed on my nose
And looked me in the eye
It’s news was quite surprising,
‘You are the wind
The blazing sun
Earth’s dark embrace
And the cool current of a stream.”
‘Really.” i said
“Yes and not just that
You are everything.”
I said

- Jason Wood