BAM Construct's new green space in King's Cross

“It looks better than I imagined!” - Steve Phillips, BAM

Here at the Skip Garden, we love surprising people. So many people come to our garden, marvelling at how we’ve managed to create a green oasis in the heart of a very concrete jungle. They’re amazed that we are here, and that we’ve somehow created a beautiful, inspiring community space in an area that is so focused on building high and fast and new.

So when we were approached by BAM Construct to help them create an inspiring little oasis of their own, we of course jumped at the chance.

We got together our group of young people on the Generator programme and began to think "how can we get people who are working in a very urban environment to engage with nature in a meaningful way? How can we make people stop, look, taste, smell, feel?"

The young people used our own Skip Garden for inspiration, smelling and tasting the different herbs and flowers that we have growing and observing their own reactions. After a visit to the BAM site itself, we discussed with them what the space felt like or any feelings it inspired in them. We contrasted the two and thought about how we might bring a little bit of the Skip Garden to our site.

What the young people designed and planted themselves was a beautiful herb and flower garden which smells and looks divine. As we were putting the final touches to the planters, some BAM employees walked past and started naming the herbs we had put in and discussing what to do with them. Hopefully a good sign for days to come.

I’ll finish with some writing that we did at the beginning of the project.

What does a garden mean to me?

"To me a garden means a peaceful place where I can relax, feel free and also take care and grow plants." - Janelle 

"A garden to me is a space where I can relax and enjoy nature in its pureness. I like the fact that it is outside and I can explore different aspects of the garden. Its highest points to its lowest points. Through digging, wondering planting and lots more." - Anya

"A garden is where lots of beautiful plants and animals live. It can be used to grow fruits vegetables and many other things. It is a place of relaxation and peace when I want to escape." - Ambah