Young people tackle food waste with This is Rubbish CIC

This is Rubbish teamed up with Global Generation to run a holiday programme focusing on food waste, with funding from the Ernest Cook Trust. Its magical and adaptable site was the source of inspiration for a partnership programme for young people who have attended sessions previously or intend to enter one of the youth programmes.

Through a variety of interactive and learner-led activities, the young people learnt about the food supply chain, what causes waste and what waste causes. The backdrop of planters teeming with organic produce served to reinforce the non-monetary value of food and make the programme memorable. The group were astounded by how much food is wasted before it even reaches our homes!

“I want to reduce the amount of food waste in the country because it is not good for the environment.” - Ivy, 11

“I want to be able to make a difference. Food waste is such a normal thing for most of us but some people could drastically benefit from receiving food that didn’t meet [cosmetic] standards.” - Assia, 12

The group explored their responses to food waste through freefall writing, drama games and cookery activities, recording their thoughts about food in the past, present and future.

The group of young waste warriors poured their thoughts and talents into an event to mark the end of the programme with the aptly named “Waste of Taste.” Guests were taken on a food-themed treasure hunt, treated to delicious smoothies from the food rescue smoothie station and informed through performances of poetry and drama. The event took courage and dedication, but the team rose to the challenge, gaining collaborative, teamwork and communication skills while impressing their guests with their creativity.

This is Rubbish and Global Generation know they are going to see more great things from these inspiring young people!

“Since I strated doing that play I actually liked it and enjoyed it.” - Henrietta, 9