"My time as a Bees for a Better World Ambassador"

Emma, 16, is a former participant of our Generator programme. Upon completing this, she went on to apply to become a Better World Ambassador, in order to co-produce the Bees for a Better World project (supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund) alongside other young people and the Global Generation team. After attending a blogging masterclass at the Guardian, she has put together her reflections here.

Last July, I became an Ambassador to help spread the word about the importance of the innocent insects we have in our lives in which we seem to neglect. Over the course of Bees for a Better World, I have participated in various opportunities.

As my first contribution, I volunteered with the summer school to help children to connect more with the natural world. At the start of the summer holidays, I helped out along with other Ambassadors to conduct a range of different activities, such as cooking, learning more about the story of the universe, creative writing and planting flowers

I also went to a camp on Pertwood farm to learn more about the ‘buzzing’ bees. The rural parts of the world really make me realise what a beautiful world I was born in.  Nature reminds me that I am part of it.  We are part of nature.

I have planted bee-friendly flowers, and I took part in a solitary bee hotel design competition for Eurostar - to create a bug hotel for their depot site.

In the summer, I was also involved in the testing of a BeeTrail app which has since been released. You can see the citizen science data that was gathered through this app below - shining a light on local bees in King's Cross.

All of these amazing opportunities, especially the session at Pertwood, were really an eyeopener for me personally. Before then, I have never cared or considered for bees and how important they are to us.

I wanted to take up this role because I always felt that creating a better place for future generations was my calling. I've always enjoyed volunteering and it has absolutely been an honour being a Better World Ambassador and improving the society and environment we live in. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am very grateful for joining Global Generation, especially with the amazing opportunities it have to offer.

Camley Street Wild Patch
Honey Bee: 208
Buff-tailed Bumblebee: 65
Common Carder Bee: 48
Leafcutter Bee: 6

Handyside Gardens
Honey Bee: 389
Buff-tailed Bumblebee: 47
Common Carder Bee: 22
Leafcutter Bee: 54

Skip Garden
Honey Bee: 154
Buff-tailed Bumblebee: 36
Common Carder Bee: 28
Leafcutter Bee: 41