Nights draw in on King's Cross' cityscape


Nights draw in on King's Cross' cityscape. Cranes are twinkling high in the urban sky, buildings lit in golden hues and reddish tree tops now turned to shadows as dusk turns to night. It is 5.17pm and, if it wasn't for those twinkling cranes and bright building lights, the garden would be plunged in darkness - some parts already are.

On these long, dark nights, we turn to the element of fire, and lots of it! The fire that first hits the face then embraces the body in its warmth, capturing our attention with its dancing flames and allowing us to stay just a little longer under winter’s sky. Smoking coals and crackling logs that we cook our food over -- the light that connects us with other friendly faces in the night.

And, of course, the fire in our bellies - quite literally - with help from inspirational and adventurous chefs at the Skip Garden Kitchen. It is the season of outdoor winter feasts which wrap the garden in the intoxicating smoky haze of outdoor cooking, the waft of warming Indian spices on a Sunday night, and hearty festive suppers to be enjoyed together with friends, with colleagues, with others around the fire pit.

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 11.16.13.png

The fire in a cast iron box, soon to be set alight in the yurt which has regained its rightful place at the heart of the garden - a cosy canvas sanctuary where hot tea and cake is served daily by our friendly cafe team. Where nature wizards come together on a Saturday to craft their spells & wands in family workshops. And where the tiny flames of candlelight act little beacons on Tuesday nights for a relaxing yoga class to create space in oneself and quieten the mind.

As nights draw in on King’s Cross’ cityscape, with those city lights shining, tops of cranes twinkling, the garden comes alive with the flickering of flames and stories of everyone around them. Your seat around the firepit awaits...