Finding strength and support in each other

We come together as a team at the beginning of Spring and Autumn to mark the shifts in the seasons. We stop, we breathe, we tune in, we reflect, we get inspiration from each other and from all that is happening in nature around us.  We look to the past, we look to the future and we practice being in the present, just being with whatever is happening.  We practice listening through developing our senses and ability to listen to and connect with the Earth, finding inspiration from Thomas Berry’s words


“We do not need a human answer to an earth problem, but an earth answer to an earth problem … We need only listen to what the earth is telling us”

I see these days as being strong foundations to our work.  For us to be able to work with young people, be a positive and guiding presence in their lives, support them in their journeys, it feels essential that we aim to embody the values of compassion, connection, creativity, collaboration, curiosity and so many more ourselves.  To experience them, to feel them with each other first.  These days serve to go further into the invisible work of Global Generation, what sits at the core of what we do, they are a way to all contribute towards building strength in each other, show support and gratitude and feel energised.

"At the core of our consciousness is a wellspring of caring and compassion; this aspect of ourselves - which we might think of as our connected self - can be nurtured and developed.  We can deepen our sense of belonging in the world.  Like trees extending their root systems, we can grow in connection, thus allowing ourselves to draw from a deeper pool of strength, accessing the courage and intelligence we so greatly need right now" - Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone


This Autumn the day’s theme was shedding and renewal.  Letting go of the old, stopping, being, to create space for potential new things to emerge.  We explored this together by connecting with old and new spaces in our local area, from the St Pancras Church graveyard to Camley Street Natural Park to travelling by boat on the canal with the Pirate Castle.  Through stillness, connecting activities with old trees, land art, willow weaving, storytelling, freefall writing, good food and laughter, we experienced the 3 interdependent principles which help guide our work:

I - Taking care of ourselves - allowing for a deeper sense of self, better understanding of who we are, drop the ego to give us room for collaboration, creativity

We - Being with each other and there for each other

Planet - How we can best support young people and others to create positive change

Each of these principles merging into each other.  With each individual’s contribution, the wider whole benefits and grows.  This is what these days feel like to me.  I feel strength and energy in myself through feeling collective strength and energy from all around me.