Growing and sowing

The new school year at King’s Cross Academy has been a busy one for the school garden. Year One started the term learning all about our garden, the plants we are growing on the balcony. They have sowed broad beans, peas, cabbages, kohlrabi, while watching the fruit on the trees be replaced with beautiful multi coloured leaves.

Now everyone is learning about our good friends the worms, hundreds of which are thriving in the school wormery - now wrapped in bubble wrap to keep the little wigglers warm through the winter!

In October and November Nursery and Reception have come exploring in the Skip Garden. They have been learning all about the colours that make up our world, so Autumn has been the perfect talking point. Using leaves, acorns, conkers, pine cones, we have seen how seeds, colour and Autumn are part of the changes and challenges plants and animals face at this exciting time of year! Back at school they will be taking care of their herb garden, touching and smelling to see what will taste good in their lunch.

This project is supported by the The People's Postcode Trust

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