Things that go pop! Garden parties are not just for summer...

Oh Skip Garden, you are the gift that keeps on giving (how perfect for the upcoming festive season!)

Just when I think the weather is turning grim and the garden will be deserted and deemed too cold or drab for fun and festivities, we go and have another cracker of a Fire Feast, quite literally.

Our Things That Go Pop! event on the 10th of November saw us welcome 70 optimistic guests who, rightfully, trusted the British weather to be kind as much as we did. This celebration of our season of Magic School and mystical magical themed events saw people throwing fistfuls of magic powders into our fire pits to watch them burn blue and purple flames. They filled their plates with crackling, smokey and popping foods at the street food style stalls. A new Skip Garden favourite was a DIY crunchy Indian Pani Puri station (pani puri or golgappy are a lesser known Indian street food snack often described as a flavour explosion, with sweet, sour, savoury, salty, crunchy and soft all in the one mouthful snack). And there were of course our signature stone baked pizzas fresh from the outdoor oven.

Part celebration of King’s Cross’s featuring in The Harry Potter series that celebrate their 20th anniversary this year, part celebration of the magic of the changing seasons and the beauty in what nature provides and how it has influenced human’s superstitions, creativity and feasting since the dawn of civilisation.

And since we have not yet learnt our lesson, there will be more feasting under winter's sky on Saturday 16th December...

fire pop2.jpg
fire pop.jpg