Indian Supper Club: Green, white and gold


Let me take you on a journey. From the bustling streets of Old Delhi to the royal palaces and forts or Rajasthan, up to the vibrant hills of Tamil Nadu and down to the coconut tree covered coastal backwaters of Kerala.

I have always been inspired by Indian food. It's no coincidence that the UK's favourite food is Indian; it is a cuisine bursting with intense flavours that are undeniably appealing to multiple senses. It's basis is so very different to European cuisine. It never fails to impress me how diversely a similar spice combination can be adjusted and added to different ingredients to create an endless array of soul warming dishes.

Rather than a chicken vindaloo or a lamb madras, it's the predominantly vegetarian, pulse based dishes that are rarely seen on Britain's Indian takeaway menus that have me enthralled. Despite not being strictly vegetarian or vegan myself, I eat in a vegetable and plant led way and so my cooking reflects this. Cooking vegetarian Indian food is a great place to start when trying to reduce meat consumption.

One of my biggest hopes for greater environmental sustainability in our diets is for pulses, grains and legumes to become our predominant source of protein. Alongside reducing our carbon foodprint by eating more seasonably and sourcing ingredients more locally, reducing our dependency on animal proteins will have a colossal collective affect on climate change. Agriculture is a significant driver of global warming and causes 15% of all emissions, half of which are from livestock.


Having travelled in northern and southern India in January I have been inspired to host a supper club around vegetarian Indian cuisine at the Skip Garden. This spice infused evening of warmth and home is inspired by green, white and gold. In celebration of an Irish heritage (I'm Irish and we happened to choose St Patrick's day for the event) and cooking exotic cuisines with seasonal and plant based winter ingredients, I want to serve up some of the most delicious and interesting dishes I've discovered. I want to re-enthuse guests with the bursting potential of pulses and vegetables for eating sustainably and with mostly seasonal ingredients all year round.

Come and experience this unique St Patrick's day supper in our urban oasis, followed by dessert in the yurt and rum chai around the fire. Book your tickets now!