Getting to Know the World of Work

As with most things in life, I believe there's no better way for students to understand the world of work than to explore it for themselves. This is why we are always keen to provide opportunities for the young people we work with to connect with future employers in person.

Throughout the current academic year, one of the main ways we have facilitated such interactions has been through our offer of enrichment visits for secondary school students (aged 12-18), built around quality encounters with King's Cross businesses and their employees. We have been working together with teachers to arrange encounters for classes from Years 7 to 13, tailoring these as much as possible to match their studies whilst embedding it within our framework, such as King's Cross as a thriving and connected new business community, or environmental and ethical concerns and the values that sit behind them.

This work is one of the four strands of youth programmes that are funded by The Careers & Enterprise Company. This has enabled hundreds of encounters for pupils to take place, with employers such as King's Cross developers Argent LLP, KX Recruit, Google, Eurostar, The Guardian, St Pancras Hotel Group and Vistaprint, whom we have built relationships with over the last few years. Urban Partners for London - the King's Cross, Euston and St Pancras business partnership - were also helpful as part of this process, especially with regards to facilitating our work in partnership with companies such as Virgin Trains East Coast.

Here are some of the reflections from young people and teachers alike on some of the benefits of being involved in this way:

"I have learnt something new and now I have better understanding of the qualities and values that help in the workplace. I am also more aware of the opportunities and jobs available, what goes into the behind the scenes of businesses, and the different types of jobs in a company.” – Amber, 13

“I am feeling happy because I learnt a lot of things that I never knew before. And I like the fact that we got to meet people who work in a business place. I also found out what they did to achieve their goals.” – Angela, 14

"Our students don't have this opportunity of coming out into King's Cross, meeting real businesses and doing activities and trips that help them on their business course without someone like Global Generation. You can teach in a classroom how things work and how businesses interact with each other. But actually going in and meeting people who are doing those jobs and seeing how things operate is massively beneficial." - Anthony Holding, Head of Business, Regent High School