Momoko's internship experience

6 months have passed like a typhoon, and it is almost the end of my internship with Global Generation, writes Momoko Ogihara. Time here passes really quickly, there are always many things happening in the garden, kitchen, classroom or even outside the skip garden.  Every staff member here is so passionate about what they do, they come up with many creative ideas and make the idea into reality working towards a more sustainable and fairer world.

I was always fascinated by environmental education as I was  influenced by my teacher in my childhood. He gave me the enthusiasm to be interested in and appreciate the natural environment. It was fascinating to be a part of the Global Generation team, as I grew up in Japan the form of education was more passive and it made my mind into a square rather than be creative. Here education is something completely different, it’s all about doing rather than listening, allowing us to use all of our senses such as smelling herbs or touching soil so that children can fully experience what nature can provide us. One other important thing I learned was about reflection.  Here children reflect on their experience at the end of each session so something important will stay within them in their own view.

I had little experience in education before coming to Global Generation. Being here allowed me to gain many experiences in the field from planning to facilitating workshops, how to communicate with children and to be more confident about myself and to value where I come from. Sharing my knowledge about Japanese culture and tradition was a little bit scary and I was nervous at the beginning but with kind support from staff and seeing how children can get excited learning about the culture let me re-think and appreciate where I come from and who I am.