Supporting The Starfish Project

On the evening of June 28th, the Skip Garden is hosting a night filled with entertainment and great food to provide support for The Starfish Project - a volunteer-led organisation which provide meals for refugees.

Over the past few years, the phrase 'refugee crisis' has been stated and restated so frequently that it has almost been reduced to a mere soundbite; often desensitising us to the realities faced by the displaced groups of the world.

The Oxford dictionary defines the word 'refugee' as: "a person who has been forced to leave their country or home, because there is a war or for political, religious or social reasons"

Along with the imaginable feelings of isolation, fear and un-rootedness that come with refugee status, it is common that such persons face harsh food-insecurity, meaning that they often cannot find enough food to eat. 

The Starfish Project aims to aid refugee livelihoods by ensuring that food is not yet another worry. The project raises funds for three movements spread across Greece and in France making a huge impact for refugees residing in such places.

Donations are collected:

1. Through partnerships with restaurants adding an optional £1 donation on their bills

2. By directly seeking donations from individuals.

Projects that the Project supports: 

Chios People's Kitchen a kitchen fully run by a dedicated team of refugees living on Chios Island, the home of over 157,500 refugees. 

Hope Café, Athens - a café providing emergency food packs, clothing and baby equipment to asylum seeking refugees and Greek families in need in the Athens area.

Refugee Community Kitchen, Dunkirk and Northern France - a café which provide hot nourishing food on a daily basis to over 3000 men, women and children in Dunkirk and other camps across France.

Global Generation is proud to be collaborating with The Starfish Project and to open it's doors to support a cause beyond our immediate community. 

If you wish to come along to the Skip Garden for some musical fun, get your tickets here

To read more about the evening, visit our blog post. 

And lastly, to make the crisis more than just a sound bite and to donate to the cause directly, visit this page