Project Grow!

Wow, what a lot I've learnt. The seeds for the ideas surrounding my alumni project were sown with my move to London from the countryside just over a year ago. I felt strangely surrounded by so many people, but many belonging to separate communities. My mind went over and over ideas about how these communities could create something together using the natural world as inspiration.

So I embarked on - what in hindsight may have been over ambitious (but a worthy) challenge - a project that connected different communities through sowing seeds and creating art.

My project has ended up reaching out to a variety of wonderful people - from the members of Camden Age UK and the elderly residents of Roseberry Mansions, 16-25 year olds of Catch 22's The Hive, and the pupils of Kings Cross Academy School.  Initially the aim was to bring all of these communities together… Problems arose with meeting different groups of people’s needs. So we turned the project around, instead creating something together through separate workshops, gradually growing and taking care of the same plants and telling the story of where these plants had been.

Together we will have created a luscious flowerbed, planted by King’s Cross Academy pupils, full of trailing nasturtiums, climbing sweet peas, as well as towering sunflowers and hollyhocks. These flowers will brighten onlookers faces and provide food for our Skip Garden honey bees.

Meeting so many characters, all on such different paths, has been enlightening and uplifting. Seeing so many communities thrive and grow something together has inspired me to start a learning journey on ways we communicate with each other and with the natural world.