King’s Cross Bee Trail App – We’re going on a bee hunt!

Our KX Bee Trail has launched again this summer for the third year, as part of the Honey Club, a partnership between Urban Bees and Global Generation. The Bee Trail is a family fun citizen science project that helps monitor local bee numbers and raises awareness about bees.

This 60-minute app-led walking tour has been designed to allow visitors to explore this fast-changing area of London; spot the bees living in the newly created parks and planters, and along the canal, and learn about the food and shelter they need to survive.

There are seven stops along the KX Bee Trail 2017, each marked with a Honey Club sign. A 4-digit code on each sign tapped into the App unlocks a new bee-related activity. When the activity is completed, the App unlocks vouchers to some of London’s most exciting restaurants and cafes in the vicinity: German Gymnasium, Grain Store, Caravan, Rotunda, The Greek Larder, Ruby Violet and the Skip Garden Kitchen, where the trail ends.

Getting up close with bees in the middle of the city is a great way for young people to understand that we are part of an interconnected world.

“Living in King’s Cross with all the hustle and bustle and building work, noise and traffic making up this urban jungle, it really has been important for me and my sisters to be able to learn and connect with nature. Bees are a prime example. It sounds odd to think we’d grown up being afraid of them, but at the hive in the Skip Garden we got up close and learned how important they are in the wider scheme of things, and how they really do need a helping hand. So, I’m really excited about taking part in the App this year and seeing other people’s faces when they realise how much they didn’t know and then realising they have the same favourite flowers... I’m definitely going to be taking lots of photos of the bees we see at each location over the summer and sharing them on the Honey Club Instagram, Twitter and on Facebook and really capture that summer day’s aesthetic.’’ - Ranya Lamani, 16 year old Generator who has helped to develop the App

“Bee-friendly cities are good places for us too, full of trees and flowers amid the concrete and glass. The App is a fun way for anyone living, working or visiting King’s Cross to discover new parts of the city, find out which bees live here as well, and do their bit to boost the local bee population by counting them.” - Alison Benjamin, co-founder of Urban Bees

The data will be shared with Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL), and help to build up a picture of whether efforts to provide better forage and join up fragmented habitats is having a positive impact on bee populations.

Wolfgang Buttress, artist and creator of award-winning bee-powered sculpture The Hive, currently installed at Kew Gardens, says: “The King’s Cross Bee Trail App is a wonderful and engaging way of communicating the importance of bees and their role in pollinating the food we eat here in the city.”