Silvia & Paul's visit to Kew Gardens


On the evening of the 6th of September, Paul Richens, garden manager, and I had the pleasure to be welcomed at Kew Gardens as representatives of the Skip Garden on occasion of the Open Garden Squares 2017 celebration event.

Global Generation took part of this popular London event last June, witnessing more than 350 people walking through the gates and exploring the garden with immense surprise. As per the years before, our Generators helped in selling tickets, guides, and handmade products as well as taking visitors around the garden.

In the stunning set of the Kew Gardens at twilight, we met incredible individuals and learned about magnificent projects that were not only part of open gardens, but also contributing to the beauty of London, the preservation of species on this planet, and the creation of community around nature.


I was very proud to be there representing the Skip Garden, but also pleased to have such a knowledgeable person by my side. Paul took me around Kew Gardens before the doors opened -- we were surrounded by history and hope. He made people smile and answered gardening and gardening-unrelated questions of the many whom were interested about the Skip Garden. Then during the event, the celebration was warmed up by the words of poets like Mizah Adzmi who has been spending time in different gardens during Open Garden Squares weekend, observing, listening, and feeling. Here are some words another poet Hamizah Adzmi shared:

Memento (from the perspective of a spring flower who left)

By the time you read this

I would already be gone

Tell the cats peeking out of the bushes

That I’m done with their mood swings

Tell the girl who likes to sing while she reads

That I swayed to the sound of her voice

Tell the boy who thought his mother didn’t like his joke

That I saw her smile behind his back

Tell the cherry blossoms not to be scared

That they’re the prettiest when they fall Tell everyone who took a second look at me

That I’d be their friend if I could

I would’ve chased the sun rays if I could

And stay a little longer.

We also met Suvi Sivanesan, Biodiversity and Landscape Manager at Kingston University and Marco and Heather from the St. Luke community centre. They were all very excited about new future collaborations.

All in all, you truly realise once more when you are part of events like these that we are not alone on the journey of making this world a better place.

 The 2018 Open Garden Squares Weekend is already in our calendar.

Happy Autumn!