Delft comes to Southwark

Deep in the Sands Museum picture archives we discovered fading photographs curled and brown at the edges. The photographs showed delftware pottery made in Rotherhide in the C17. Once, vibrant blue images depicting birds entwined in rich foliage, the tower of London and winged cherubs emerging from a web of hearts and flowers adorned the ceramic vessels. 

These rich resources became inspiration for everyone to tell their own story; 'a favourite cup for that first cuppa of the day', a plate that has been in the family for years. Blue paint flowed and intricate designs were imagined and produced. There was even some finger painting.

Thanks everyone for coming to the Paper Garden. Your display of C21 Delftware is stunning.

Alyson (Time and Talents Operations Manager) " It was so good to see how those that were quite tentative at first and not very confident in their ability to paint etc ended up really getting into it and giving it a go. One lady said how nice it was to do something creative and fun together and contribute to making something bigger as a group."