From Paper Garden to Pertwood

When we set out from Waterloo Station the young people's excitement to leave the city spreads into the air. Ten Paper Garden Generators are about to embark to Pertwood Organic Farm, for most of us it is our first time on camp. Some of us know the beauty of the farm already, and we are ready to share it with the others. 

Pertwood 1.JPG
Coming to Pertwood I will see nature, and be surrounded by it. I will explore nature and be calm.
— Nyah, 14
Coming to Pertwood I will enjoy and bring home a new experience. I hope to learn new things and discover new creatures that have been unseen by my eyes. I want to leave knowing that another chapter has been added to my life.
— Mysha, 13
Pertwood 2.jpg

We arrive. We light the fire. We cook. We explore. We find nature all around us, the flints in the fossil hunts, the blackberries in the green. There are sunflowers in the fields for the birds to feast on. There are barn owls flying silently in the dusk. We walk to a river, where we cross the ford. We dry our feet in the sun as we eat our lunch, looked-on by a farmer baling his crop of hay. We forage apples, elderberries, hazelnuts and dead nettles. We fill our bellies once more. 

We have walked and slept and feasted on the lands of chalk, and we are happy. Thank you, Pertwood, for refreshing us, educating us, singing to us in your bird song, and pleasing us with your greenery.