Here’s to the Longtime

How do we get more people to care about the future and what kind of world will the generations after we’ve gone will inherit? These days our view of the past and the future is often myopic, we plan for two to three years and perhaps if we are lucky feel a sense of responsibility for our children’s lifetimes. In contrast, the stories of early people evokes a sense of connection with the origins of the earth and an alive sense of responsibility to seven generations ahead.


Ella Saltmarshe, Beatrice Pembroke and a growing number of people are on a mission to change that, particularly through the power of arts and culture. We were delighted to host and contribute to an evening in the Skip Garden where they invited key people who make decisions about the kinds of TV we watch, the advertising we see, the art in galleries, the shows in theatres. Four of our young Generators helped out with the event, including sharing their experiences. Despite the cold, the evening was full of energy and warmth, made possible by the full hearted participation of the 30 guests, brightly burning fires and a wonderful three course sit down dinner prepared by the Skip Garden Kitchen.

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