Autumn Away Day in Regent’s Park

Twice a year, as the seasons change we take a day as a whole team to stop, to connect to nature and to reflect on our work together. This time we reflected on our harvest - the achievements and learnings from the past year; what we want to compost - i.e. give rest to; and what new seeds we want to grow as we look forward.

We were kindly loaned the classroom space and garden area of the Regents Park allotment, a great setting to spend time with the whole team and some of our Trustees, a full room of 20 people, each bringing their own creativity and passions as we reflected on the work we do and the world views that shape our work.

Jane Jones, Trustee, reflects on what she was left with from the away day:

Away day 1.JPG

I felt a real sense of community, with everyone feeling part of something important and being an active contributor. The team seemed to feel safe to express their opinions and ambitions which felt really refreshing and empowering. I got a clear idea of the passion that drives everyone involved and of their commitment to the work.

I also got a real sense of the novelty of the organisational approach compared with other organisations I have worked in or been involved with. The emergent and responsive nature of Global Generation is how Nature works, but not generally how man-made (and is there a clue there?) organisations are normally set up to function. The comfort with uncertainty about the future, and willingness to experiment and learn were really striking. It feels both evolutionary and revolutionary in its approach and is a brave choice in an increasingly box ticking world, where ‘control’ is everything.

The light touch of leadership is also very refreshing, as is the recognition that balance in life is crucial. The discussion about busy periods and acknowledgement that everyone needs to practice self-care and care of each other was very heartening. Passion and enthusiasm and fire for the work could otherwise easily lead to burn-out. Holding that space of nurturing of the staff, exemplified by the style of the away day itself, is totally consistent with the ethos of I, We and the Planet.